Terms & Conditions

Affiliate – physical person that promotes Ads Partners attracts players for the client brands.

Affiliate program – advertising platform for attracting players to advertisers website.

Casino – online platform providing gambling services.

Player – person who is registered in one of the casinos through Partners tracking link.

Income – partners share from his players activity.


  1. Current Terms & Conditions are the main document regulating the the partners activity within affiliate program. By registering in the ADS Partners affiliate program, you automatically agree to these conditions and adhere to this policy.
  2. Administration has the right to change and edit terms & conditions without further notice.
  3. Partner confirms that he is 18 years old by accepting terms and conditions during the registration.
  4. Partner must provide genuine contact information for further contact.
  5. Administration is not responsible for Partners loss of personal information if Partner did not took necessary measures for preventing the lost.
  6. Administration owns the right to refuse the cooperation without mentioning the cause.
  7. Member of affiliate program as well as his acquaintances are not allowed to have an account in any of the mentioned casinos, otherwise Partner’s account and players account will be blocked without the possibility for refund.
  8. Administration forbids use spam for product promotion. If the mentioned situation occurs administration has the right to block Partners account without the possibility for money withdrawal.
  9. The content of advertised material should not include the misinforming information, as well as untruthfully overestimated terms for bonuses and promotions, such as “click below and receive 100000$”.
  10. Affiliate program provides only graphical promo-materials. Copying the original text material as is may be a strong reason for cooperation termination.
  11. Affiliate program Ads Partners prohibits any commission plan manipulation and players motivation by sharing Partners income. If the mentioned situation occurs administration has the right to block Partners account without the possibility for refund.
  12. Administration has the right to request the sources of traffic where the casino advertising is placed. In the event of failure to provide this information administration has the right to terminate the cooperation.
  13. In the occurrence of disputable situation Ads Partners will impartially solve the problem. To investigate the disputable situation Partner must describe the problem in written format and forward it to support e-mail. Usual response time take 30 days. After considering certain situation administration takes irreversible decision that is not applicable for revision.