Back to the future in Super Slots!

The future has come, which means that it is time to stop watching movies on antediluvian TV and determine the time by the sun. Register in the contest and do as many high bets as possible, the reward will be one of the cool prizes: 43-inch plasma, virtual reality glasses or a smart watch.


Go for free shopping in Drive!

Closer to the middle of the month starts the second round of the most economic race for all times of the existence of the Drive casino. You hate boring shopping? Then this way is for you! Spin the slots and win cool prizes: a refrigerator, a robot-vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven or a sandwich-maker. The race In pursuit of victory is one of the most favorite tournaments among the Super Slots players. Take part in it, because ahead a lot of bright emotions, useful experience and the opportunity to take one of the 10 places of honor await for you! The race takes place every 20 days, you can win from 500 rubles to 5 000 rubles.


Meet the fortune in the Million!

Million invites all fans of speed and steep turns to take part in an unforgettable competition Mad Engine. Fight for the title of the champion with the hardcore riders, like yourself! For the 1st place you can get 7 000 rubles, for the 2nd place – 5 000 rubles and for 3 000 rubles.


Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum in Vulkan!

Every 3 days in the online casino Vulkan starts a dangerous sea walk in search of hidden treasures of Captain Jack. To try your luck in the lottery Pirate Chest, you will need to buy one, or better a few tickets. One ticket is to be given for a deposit of 700 rubles. The more tickets you have on hand, the more likely you are to win.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee in the Million!

Become a standard for others, tighten your body and win a cool prize with a new race from the Million, dedicated to the glory of the great boxer Mohammed Ali. For the first place here you may receive a treadmill (30,000 rubles), for the second - a bike (15,000 rubles) and for the third - a scooter (10,000 rubles).


Make opponents swallow dust in Vulkan!

The next round of all the favorite dynamic race Thirst for speed starts on August, 3. If you are used to getting what you want, participate in the competition and for the sake of victory get ready for anything – it is time to prove yourself and take the place of the champion. There are only 5 winners in the competition. Lucky one, who comes to the finish line first, will take 50% of the prize fund.


Conquer the space with the Jackpot!

The main event of August in Jackpot is a space battle for the most desperate brave souls who have long dreamed of conquering the boundless expanses of the universe. Here you should not be gentle with rivals, because the race will show the true face of everyone. The five gambling users, whose names will appear above all in the rating table, will receive nice prizes: from 50% to 5% of the dynamic prize fund.


Full speed on Drive!

This competition is created for those who are not afraid to risk with everything, because luck loves risky ones. If you are ready to prove to all participants of the tournament what you are capable of – go win! Every 15 days the results of the competition are summed up and 5 best players are to be awarded. Winners will share a prize fund of 30,000 rubles.


Learn how to surf with the Drive!

Always wanted to curb the elements and subdue the wave? Now everyone has such a chance! Every two weeks online casino Drive arranges an unreal lottery "The Wave of Fortune", which is ready to cover you with your head. All you need to participate is to make a deposit of 300 rubles and wait for your wave!


Be the first in the Super Slots!

Do you want a decent reward, honor and respect, as well as a sea of unforgettable impressions? Then the race "In pursuit of victory" was created just for you. It is important to persevere and have an unbreakable will to win, because the rivals are strong, but you will be better! There are 10 winners in the tournament, so do not miss your chance.


Be on Drive!

Race "Full Forward" is created for those who have a risk in their blood. If you are sure that you will not stop halfway and not be afraid of serious opponents, then go ahead for the victory! Every 15 days the names of 5 lucky people are named, which share a prize fund of 15 000 rubles. Isn’t this what your gambling heart yearns for?


Show all pirates who is in charge here!

The lottery "Treasure Hunt" from Drive Casino with enviable regularity allows every member of the club who does not fear pirates and dangerous sea walks to gild. The minimum deposit amount is only 300 rubles, which very soon can turn into 3000 rubles. Dare and catch your luck by the tail!


Press the gas pedal!

Fans of bright emotions and fair competitions gather again in the Million to compete for the title of the best! To get your share of the bank, you have to give all the best, because in the competition there are only 3 prize places. Race "Crazy engine" starts every two weeks, so if you do not win, there is always a chance to recoup the next time.


Wipe your opponents in Jackpot!

Another unreal competition is prepared for the guests of Jackpot. The tournament "Mad Rally" fully corresponds to its name. It is suitable only for the most reckless, the most inveterate riders! If the risk is in your blood, then boldly jump on the bike and overtake opponents! In the end, you will meet a steep monetary reward. A few more buns from the casino Jackpot - a monthly bonus "Take it, grab it". Bonus 150% for depositing! Incredible generosity, and all these riches directly into your hands!


Catch the drift!

In the middle of the month in Drive we expect "Full Forward" - another round of dizzying competition. Find out what you can do! Every 15 days, Drive determines 3 lucky winners who share the prize fund.


Catch the wave on the Drive!

"Wave of luck” is ready to overflow the guests of the club DriveCasino. Every two weeks a lottery of incredible luck awaits for you! Feel the power of a tsunami: make a deposit of 300 rubles and get happy tickets. The more tickets you get, the more chances you receive to win the main prize - 3500 rubles.


Catch victory for the tail!

Do you adore gambling and are you ready to prove to rivals that you are the best? Then welcome to the hot race from Super Slots "Victory chasing." This challenge is only for the most courageous and brave! The prize fund is shared by 10 winners, so you have every chance of winning!


A million bounties in Million!

Million traditionally holds aт "Attraction of generosity", do not miss the moment to take advantage of the generous offer and win 1000 compoints at once! What is needed for this? Enjoying your favorite games, replenishing your account for the amount of 600 rubles. The drawing takes place every week. Do not forget about the monthly fabulous bonus "Twelve months". Once a month, each player is to be granted with a bonus of 130% when replenishing the account for the amount of 1000 rubles. Even today you can expect the visit of one of the twelve brothers with gifts, for this option use the promotional code JUNE130.


Fast & Furious!

Summer will be hot: in the first days of June the high-speed race "Thirst for speed" starts. Hit the gas pedal and force opponents to swallow dust! The match takes place every two weeks, in case of defeat there is always an opportunity to take revenge. In the race there are 5 prize places. The stakes are high, so hurry up!


Time to sail!

June begins with a fascinating search for treasures in the casino "Vulcan". On the 1st day of June a generous lottery "Pirate Chest" starts here. If you are not afraid to fight with fortune, then rather raise your sails and go on an exciting sea voyage. Every 3 days there is an opportunity to win 3000 rubles!


A song for Million!

Another high-speed turn on the "Million", which starts every two weeks, is the race "Crazy Engine"! Mature riders know how their engine sounds, because they are confident of their victory. Open arms, fanfares and a reward are already waiting for the winners at the finish line! Join ASAP! We promise, it will not be boring!


Burn the wheels, but not the soul!

Another competition for the most risky and desperate racers on Drive will take place on the approach to the May equator. The "Go Faster" race promises to its brave participants a real adrenaline boom and prize payments of 3000, 5000 and 7000 rubles for the first three places!


Viva la Drive!

The new "Wave of Fortune" promises to overwhelm all fans of extreme sports on the Drive from May 14. Make deposits of no less than 300 rubles, gain more tickets (1-80) and go down to the water! Kayaks, boats, surfboards - it is for you to decide. The main thing is a reserve of enthusiasm, and you will surely catch it!


With a Jackpot you are on the VIP-list!

Every week in the Jackpot club you can win as many as 3000 compoints, which is no less cool than real money on the balance, and twist the slots, without ceasing! To take part in the competition, you need to replenish the account for 800 rubles. Play "For yourself and for that guy." Such a threefold benefit is available to everyone! Do not forget to use promocodes and receive a regular monthly bonus of 150% on a deposit of 700 rubles. Do not be shy - "Drag-snatch" and stuff your pockets with money! This month, the promotional code looks like this: MAY150.


Show your inner fire on Vulkan!

Are you looking for a worthwhile competition in which you could let your iron horse frolic? Then go to the "Vulkan"! Take part in the race "Thirst for speed" and make your opponents swallow the dust! From 7 to 20 May there will be a tournament in which a dynamic prize fund will be drawn. The winner will get 50% of the total prize fund, 2 place - 20%, 3 place - 15%, 4 place - 10% and 5 place - 5%. The more participants there are in the race, the higher your winnings are!


Greet May!

Hooray! This is the last month of spring. It is time to start preparing for the summer, because ahead there is the season of seas and holidays! Nevertheless, at the same time, do not forget about the upcoming holidays and entertainments, which are waiting for you starting from May, 1. So, let is start with the Super Slots casino! On the first day of the new month, we are in anticipation of a miracle, because the first tour of the "Treasure island" awaits us. Get your treasure, make wishes and, probably, you will get the main prize - 3000 rubles. In addition, a new race "Victory chasing" will take place here. There will be ten winners!


Lottery in «SuperSlots»

"SuperSlots" is ready to hold April with dignity: the last stage of the lottery "Scarlet Flower", in which a lot of gamblers are so fond of, is simply obliged to bring you a prize of 3000 rubles! Play with pleasure!


Gambling Festival

"Million" invites you to make the last strong-willed breakthrough to the finish: on this day the last stage of the "Festival of Excitement" lottery starts, which can bring you 3500 rubles!


Monday for surprises

April 16 is another significant day of this month, because the club "Million" launches the race "Let’s go forward!", which will fill your Monday with excitement and merriment. The club "SuperSlots" invites you to get acquainted with one more new game: participate in the race "Once upon a fairytale" and get your fabulous prizes!


Time of thaw

The buds on the trees are ready to open in the "Jackpot" club, but for now - thaw, the spring drops marks the arrival of spring. In honor of this long-awaited event, "Jackpot" launches the "Thaw" race with an impressive prize fund.


Get the jackpot!

Since April 9, the new phase of the "Eighth Wonder of the World" lottery starts at once in "Jackpot" - this is almost the last chance to snatch your piece of cake!


Prepare a sleigh in the spring!

"Vulkan" brings the spring closer: the new race "Turning the sleigh" is already on the way - jump into and strive for victory!


Hello there, April!

So the first month of spring passed and it is time to enjoy the anticipation of very warm days. Our clubs do not lag behind and do not give any respite to the players after a busy March: from the very first day of April there start a lot of new races and lotteries, and this is not a joke! From the first day of the new month, "Drive" opens the race "Among the stars," and in "Jackpot" starts a colorful "Spring Festival." "On the eve of the storm" they store up umbrellas in the club "Million", do not miss the opportunity to participate! As for the lotteries, in addition to the race "Music of Spring" the club "SuperSlots" pleases its players with the good old "Scarlet Flower" - participate and win!


Reign on Vulcan

"Race of Risk" launches another tour in the club "Vulcan", and in "Jackpot" there continues the lottery "Between the Seasons" - do not waste time in vain!


New race from Vulcan

Today in Vulcan "The Last Snow" will fall - the new race starts for everyone!


Lotteries on Vulcan

Today starts the last, final stage of the "Race of Risk", which has become beloved by many people – try to catch luck for an elusive tail!


Jackpot Race

Casino Jackpot surprises again: this time the focus is on the race "March cats", which has prepared valuable cash prizes for the three winners.


Racing Friday

The race "Rock, scissors, paper" is ready to start today on Vulcan, while in the club Million begins to gain momentum another race with the romantic name "The Smell of Spring". Well, and finally SuperSlots do not stay aside: the "Tornado Fart" race is waiting for its heroes!


Promos’ start in Jackpot and Vulcan

Casino Vulcan launches the race "On the eve of heat" with a dynamic jackpot, and the club Jackpot offers to participate in the new race "Snowdrift of gifts" with nice cash prizes. The lottery "Festival of Excitement" in the club Million is still in the midst - get ready to participate in the next stage!


Lottery in SuperSlots

"Scarlet Flower" smoothly turns into the category of spring lotteries: the next stage is today, fight for the main prize!


Race in the Jackpot Club

The Jackpot today gives a spectacular start to the race "The Circle of Success" - a whole week to compete for the main prize!


Let’s meet spring with new promos!

We’ll do our best to get rid of the annoying winter ice and accelerate the approach of hot days, that is why our clubs are launching new spring promotions. In March, every gambler will get in the exciting adventures! Today in the Drive club starts "Spring Safari", and for two weeks it will warm up your gambling hearts. Million will start the month with an invigorating race "Out of sleep", and SuperSlots will please with the race "Extravaganza of fun". Jackpot will also start with the new lottery "Between the Seasons". Drive, by the way, continues the series of lotteries "Eighth Wonder of the World" - do not forget to participate!


Severe cold on Vulkan

Vulkan casino offers new race called “Last severe cold”. The winner will take a half of accumulative prize fund.


SuperSlots invites in a fairy tale

Today a new lottery called “The Scarlet Flower” will be started in Superslots casino. The money prize will be will be drawn among the holders of lottery tickets received for the deposit.


The eighth wonder of the world

Drive casino continues to please players with new lotteries. New round of “The eighth wonder of the world” lottery starts todays.


The kings of risk

Vulkan launches lottery called “The kings of risk”. It’s time to greet spring! 7000 rubles will be a pleasant addition to spring mood.


New Superslots race

Superslots invites players to take part in the new lottery calld “Flame dance”. Prize fund is 3000 rubles


Drive races

Drive casino starts “Diamond marathon” lottery today. The winner will gain 7000 rubles.


Lotto Thursday

Three clubs launch lotteries today – “Dog Waltz” in Jackpot casino, “Nostalgia” in Million casino and “The eighth wonder of the world” in Drive casino.


New promotions start on Superslots and Vulkan

Today SuperSlots starts lottery called "In rainbow colors". At the same time Vulkan launches lottery called "Snow fell of last year" and race called "Winter song"


New lottery at Drive casino

Today Drive casino launches last lottery form the “Cool number” series.


New promo in last winter month

Our clubs keep gratify players with new hot promos this cold winter. In February we prepare fresh races and lotteries for users. “Sofa races” will last for the whole month in Jackpot casino. “Sledging” race will take place at Million casino. Drive casino launches last race in the series of “15 degrees below zero”, meanwhile in Drive casino there will be “Cold games” race.


Flurry of lotteries

Today is a great day for the fans of lotteries because three clubs simultaneously offer you to participate in their new lotteries. So, the „Dog Waltz” lottery starts at the Jackpot Club, while the Million Club launches a lottery called „Nostalgic”. In the meantime, the Drive Casino offers you to take part in the „Cool Number” lottery, also with cash prizes.


Drive Casino launches a new lottery

Today the Drive Club once again runs a lottery called „Cool Number”, which raffles off a cash prize among the owners of lottery tickets received for the deposit.


New html-banners for Vulcan, Million, SuperSlots and Drive Casino

We are glad to inform you that our promo materials collection replenished with new html-banners for Vulcan, Million, SuperSlots and Drive Casino. You can find them in «Promo» section in your Personal Account.


Lotteries from Vulcan and SuperSlots clubs

The Super Slots and Vulcan clubs decided to offer us their new lotteries at the same time. For the Vulcan club it is a lottery called „Polar Lights”, and for Super Slots it’s a „Snow White” lottery.


Trio of promotions

Three clubs please us today with the upcoming lotteries and races. The Drive Casino launches the race from the „Minus Fifteen” series, while Jackpot starts a lottery called „Dog Waltz”, and at the Million club the „Nostalgic” lottery begins.


A new race from the Vulcan club

Today the Vulcan club invites its most active players to get on the track of luck in the race from the cycle of the same name. Those who finish first will get generous prizes.


Promos at the Drive and Vulcan clubs

Once again Drive Casino will please the players with the lottery from the „Cool Number” cycle, and there will be a raffle called „Welcome to the New Year” at the Vulcan club. During this raffle, the compoint prize will be granted to one of the players who fulfilled the conditions and contributed the right amount of deposits in the first half of January.


Five days before the New Year

On the holiday’s eve, the Million club launches a promo called «5 minutes», as a result of which players will gain a prize of compoints.


Burst of New Year’s promos

There’s not much time left before the New Year, so clubs are pleasing players with new promos. The Million club launches the «The Irony of Fate» race and the Drive Casino arranges a compoints raffle called «Solid Contribution». In the meantime, SuperSlots makes players happy with the «SuperSanta» race and the «Gingerbread» lottery, while the Vulcan’s «Holidays are coming» race and the «Coniferous» lottery begin.


ADS-Partners Holiday Race

ADS-Partners launches a holiday race for the webmasters! The winner would be the one whose players from December 25, 2017, to January 25, 2018, will make their first deposit and make the greatest number of bets in ADS clubs. The prize fund is 150 000 rubles, as well as the RevShare raise for February!<a href="">Read more...</a>


Drive’s new lottery

Drive Casino launches a new lottery from the «Cool Number» series today, as a result, the winner will receive a generous gift.


Prizes from SuperSlots

In honor of the upcoming holidays, SuperSlots club launches the «Countdown» promo, during which the giveaway of the compoints will take place.


Lotto Thursday

Today the clubs decided to bring us quite some lotteries. So, the Vulcan casino launches the lottery named «Quadrupled», the Jackpot club pleases us with the festive «X-tree» lottery and in the Million club launches the «Nostalgic» lottery, also dedicated to the New Year holidays.


Stream of promotions

Simultaneously three clubs are launching new promotions today. So, in the Vulcan club, the Weekly race starts, in the SuperSlots club the «Treasure hunters» lottery begins, and the Jackpot casino launches a holiday race called «Dog Races» with a quadcopter as the main prize.


Lottery time

Two clubs simultaneously decided to launch fresh lotteries. Vulcan club launches the «Quadrupled» lottery, while the Drive club has the next lottery from the «Cool number» series starting.


Million launches a lottery

The Million club continues to please us with new promos, and today it launches a lottery from the «High Five» cycle which will last five days and grant the winner a pleasant reward.


SuperSlots and Jackpot please us with promos

The race from the «Carnival of Ardor» series begins today at SuperSlots club. The Jackpot Casino launches New Year’s promotions, which begin with a lottery called «X-tree».


Lottery from Vulcan

The «Quadrupled» lottery begins today at the Vulcan casino which can bring the winner not only good luck but also a significant cash prize.


New promos from Million and Vulcan clubs

At the Million club, several promotions start simultaneously, these are the races from the «Fortnight» and «Drive of Luck» series, as well as the «High Five» lottery. Meanwhile, in the Vulcan club regular races begin, such as the Weekly race and the Jackpot race with a dynamic prize fund.


Sunday lotteries

Three lotteries at once start in our clubs this Sunday. There’s is a «Treasure Hunters» lottery in the SuperSlots gambling club, the «Mermaid Treasure» lottery starts in the Jackpot club, as well as a new lottery from the «Cool Number» series at the Drive club.


New lottery from the Vulcan club

Today the «Quadrupled» lottery starts in the Vulcan club, it will last for four days and will bring its winner a pleasant sum of money as a prize.


High five!

Five-day lottery from the «High Five» cycle begins today at the Million club, the cash prize is awaiting its winner.


New lotteries from Vulcan and Jackpot

Today the Jackpot club launches a lottery called «Mermaid Treasures», meanwhile, the «Quadrupled» lottery will be held at the Vulcan club.


Week starts with races

Four clubs simultaneously launch new races this week! Races called «Carnival of Ardor» and «Talent to Win» begin at the SuperSlots club. In the best traditions, the Vulcan club launches the Weekly race, and the Jackpot casino makes us happy with the «Little Red Riding Hood» and «Waltz Tempo» races. There is also some buzz today at the Drive club as the festive race named «The Diamond Year» will start there as well as the new lottery cycle called «Cool Number».


Hunt that treasure!

A good week for lovers of lotteries continues, as the «Treasure Hunters» lottery starts today at the SuperSlots club whose players will be able to compete for a cash prize.


December opens with lotteries

Winter begins with new lotteries! A five-day lottery called «High Five» starts at the Million club, while the «Quadrupled» lottery starts at the Vulcan club.


Jackpot has a lottery for you

If you like lotteries, you might be interested in the «Mermaid Treasure» lottery starting today at the Jackpot club. To participate, you need to get a ticket, by making a minimum deposit to your account.


Clubs bring us new promos

Clubs today are generous with new promotions! In the Vulcan casino, not only the Weekly race and the Jackpot race begin but also the «Quadrupled» lottery. Million pleases their players with races «Drive of Luck» and «Fortnight». Meanwhile, in the Drive Casino, the «Fortune’s Whim» lottery starts.


Lottery Time

At the club Million, it’s time for the «High Five» lottery once again. Participants will compete for the right to receive a cash prize of five thousand.


SuperSlots promises luck

A whole wagon of luck is promised today by SuperSlots club to players who decide to take part in the lottery of the same name. And Jackpot club has the «Mermaid treasure lottery starting». Hurry up, if you want to become the owner of the prize!


Friday races

Players are looking forward to the end of the week, because today two races start at once in gambling clubs. The «Formula Won» race will please the players of the Drive Casino, while the «Ardor Carnival» race is launched for the most active seekers of luck in the SuperSlots club.


Vulcan launches a new lottery

Players of the Vulcan club aren’t getting bored, because today they have the «Quadrupled» lottery starting. It is a fast, but profitable way to win for the lucky one, who will get the prize.


Lottery at the Million club

Today, Million casino launches a new lottery from the «High Five» series — an excellent chance to easily win five thousand in just five days.


New promos open the week

Lottery lovers can now start the week with two promos in online clubs at the same time: the «Fortune’s Whim» lottery starts at the Drive Casino, while the Weekly lottery starts at the Vulcan gambling club. Meanwhile the Jackpot casino launches not only the «Mermaid Treasures» lottery, but also two races from the «Waltz Tempo» and «Little Red Riding Hood» series.


New lottery from Vulcan club

Vulcan club pleases the luck seekers with the «Quadrupled» lottery, a ticket for participation in it can be obtained for a deposit, and the prize will bring joy to the winner.


Million promises prizes

If you were going to deposit in the Million club, then now is the time, because for it you can get lottery tickets and participate in the «High Five» lottery, which starts today.


Lottery Wednesday

The middle of the week is marked by two lotteries at once — «Quadrupled» from the Vulcan club and «Wagon of Luck» from the SuperSlots club. Fans of risk have a chance to try their luck, getting their lottery tickets for a deposit.


Promo flurry

Clubs do not get tired of amazing their players with a flurry of new races and lotteries. So, in the Drive casino, the «Formula Won» race, the three-week «Crazy Rally» race and the new lottery from the «Fortune’s Whim» series start today. The Vulcan club launches not only the Weekly race, but also the Jackpot race today, and the Jackpot club the lottery from the «Mermaid Treasure» cycle starts. Meanwhile, in the SuperSlots club, the «Ardor Carnival» and «Talent to Win» races begin, and Million pleases us with the «Fortnight» race and «Drive of Luck» race.


New lotteries from Vulcan and Million clubs

Not one, but two lotteries start today in our clubs! Vulcan starts the «Quadrupled» lottery, while the «High Five» lottery is launched by the Million club.


New race from Jackpot

Players of the Jackpot club will not get bored as there is a new race from the «Waltz Tempo» cycle starting today, where you can compete for victory with other players.


The Vulcan club brings us a new lottery

Today, distribution of lottery tickets for participation in the «Quadrupled» lottery in the Vulcan club begins. To acquire the ticket, you just need to make a deposit.


Lottery Monday

Simultaneously three clubs delight us with new lotteries at the beginning of the week: the «Fortune’s Whim» lottery starts at the Drive Casino, the «Mermaid Treasure» lottery starts at Jackpot, and the Million Club launches the «High Five» lottery. At the same time, the Vulcan casino, as always, on Monday launches its Weekly race for those who want to compete for the prize.


Go for your luck

Those fond of lotteries better check out the SuperSlots club — there is another lottery from the «Wagon of Luck» series starting there, with pleasant cash prizes.


New promotions in clubs

In the SuperSlots club today there will be a colorful race called «Ardor Carnival», and the Drive Casino will please us with the race from the «Formula Won» series. Meanwhile the Vulcan club launches the «Quadrupled» lottery, which will bring luck to its most courageous players.


Take five

The new month begins with a new lottery, the «High Five» lottery starts in the Million gambling club today, the participants will be able to earn five thousand in five days.


Promotion squall

Two races will take place today at the Jackpot club: «Waltz Tempo», where players will have to compete for the free spins, and «Little Red Riding Hood», where the prizes will be in cash. There also starts the «Mermaid Treasure» lottery. Another lottery will take place at the Drive Casino, where players will be able to try their luck in the «Fortune’s Whims» raffle. Meanwhile Million gambling club entertains us with two simultaneous races called «Drive of luck» and «Fortnight». And Vulcan club has Weekly race and Jackpot race starting as well as new lottery called «Quadruped».


High five

Friday in here! On the fifth day of the week, it’s time to take part in the «High Five» lottery at the Million club. Lucky ones will receive a prize of five thousand rubles for a deposit of five hundred.


Hurricane promos

A whole hurricane of new promos comes to ADS clubs! The Jackpot club launches the «Mermaid Treasure» lottery, while at the Vulcan club it’s time for the Weekly race once again. SuperSlots launches two races at once: «Ardor Carnival» with free spins prizes and «Talent to Win» with cash prizes. Meanwhile, at the Drive Casino, the «Formula Won» race, the «Crazy Rally» race and the «Whims of Fortune» lottery begin simultaneously.


SuperSlots and Million brought you prizes

Today in the SuperSlots club will start a new lottery from the «Wagon of Luck» cycle, which will bring the luckiest player to a pleasant cash reward. And Million club launches a new lottery from the «High Five» series.


New promos from the Jackpot and the Vulcan clubs

Today, the Vulcan club will please its players with the «Silver» lottery, and the Jackpot casino launches for its players a «Waltz Tempo» race with a prize fund consisting of free spins.


New Million lottery

A new lottery from the «High Five» series will start for the players of the Million club. The luckiest of them will receive a well-deserved cash prize!


Week starts with lotteries

This week begins with three lotteries at once: in the Jackpot Club there will be a «Mermaid Treasure» lottery, the Drive Casino will please us with the «Fortune’s Whims» lottery, and at the SuperSlots club the «Wagon of Luck» lottery starts. And to diversify this bunch, the Vulcan club launches its Weekly race and the Jackpot race with a dynamic prize pool. Two two-week races called «Fortnight» and «Dive of luck» start at the Million club, where players can compete for the compoints, free spins and cash prizes.


The fight for the free spins

It’s time to compete for the victory! Choose what is closer to you: «Formula Won» race at the Drive Casino or the «Ardor Carnival» race at SuperSlots? In both races, you can win free spins to play even more!


Golden time

Are you dreaming of gold? We have good news for you — the Vulcan club launches the lottery called «Gold» today, which will grant the winner a pleasant sum. And the Million club meanwhile launches a new cycle of lotteries called «High Five» which can grant its participants a prize of five thousand rubles.


Assortment of new promos

Today the Jackpot club launches several promos at once: the „Mermaid Treasure” lottery and the races called „Waltz Tempo” and „Little Red Riding Hood”. In the meantime, the lottery named „Fortune’s Whims” starts at the Drive Casino, and the Million and Vulcan clubs delight us with new races: „Drive of Luck” will be held at the Million, and the Weekly race will begin at the Vulcan.


Lucky three

Three different lotteries start today simultaneously in three different clubs: the „Goldfish” lottery at the Million club, the „Wagon of Luck” lottery at the SuperSlots club, and last but not least, the „Silver” lottery at the Vulcan casino.


Promo fireworks

Today, our clubs launch fireworks of promotions! The lottery from the „Mermaid Treasure” series starts at the Jackpot club, and the Volcano club pleases us with its regular Weekly race and the Jackpot race. The Million club launches the races called „Fortnight” and „Drive of Luck”, while in the SuperSlots casino starts the „Ardor Carnival” and „Talent to Win” races. Meanwhile, the Drive Casino prepared not only the „Formula Won” and „Crazy Rally” races for its players, but also the „Fortune’s Wh


New lottery at the Drive Casino

Drive Casino pleases us with new promotions, as today it launches a new lottery cycle called "Fortune’s Whims". The lucky owner of a winning ticket will receive a generous reward!


Good news for lottery lovers

The last lottery Tuesday of September grants us three lotteries at once. A lottery from the «Goldfish» series begins in the Million club, and SuperSlots launches a «Treasure hunters» lottery. At the same time, the Vulcan club has something for you, as there’s a new lottery called «Gold» that begins today.


It’s race time

A great day for fans of competition, as not one nor two, but whole three races will start today in our clubs. SuperSlots pleases us with the race from the «Undivided» series, and the Vulcan club invites you to take part in the Weekly race. The Million club also launches the «Drive of Luck» race in order to brighten players’ day.


Drive gives away prizes

It’s time to get a lottery ticket, because today in the Drive Casino starts a new lottery from the «In the Circle of Light» series with generous prizes for the winners.


Lottery Hurricane

According to our tradition, on lottery Tuesday clubs invite their players to participate in lotteries. SuperSlots invites you to join the «Treasure hunt» cycle, the «Million» club launches a «Goldfish» lottery, and the Vulcan club in the meantime starts a lottery called «Silver».


Racing madness

Our favorite clubs prepared seven races for us. SuperSlots starts the «Luck Parade» today, Jackpot starts «In waltz time» race and «The Little Red Riding-hood» race while in the Million club starts the «Drive of Luck» race and its older sister, the «Fortnight» race. In the meantime, the Vulcan club’s players can immerse themselves in a Weekly race and the Jackpot race, where the prize fund is determined by the participants themselves.


Drive and Jackpot Casino have new lotteries

Drive Casino launches a new lottery from the «In the Circle of Light» cycle today — isn’t it a perfect reason to get a ticket and try your luck? Jackpot casino launches a new lottery from the «Mermaid’s Treasure» cycle.


New races from the Jackpot club

The name of the new Jackpot race speaks for itself – «Up!». This race is a good chance to level p your loyalty status.


New race from the Drive club

Are you ready to rush into battle without looking back? Then the new race called «Without Brakes» from the Drive Casino is the one for you because there are no stops on the way to victory!


More Lotteries

Another lottery Tuesday starts with a lottery called «Gold» at the Vulcan club, a lottery from the «Treasure Hunters» series at the Super Slots casino, as well as the «Goldfish» lottery at the Million club.


Promo Parade

A rare astronomical phenomenon occurs — all the clubs are lined up today, and each of them is ready to please you with some juicy promo! The lotteries begin today in the Drive and Jackpot clubs and the remaining clubs are ready to launch their races. So, the Weekly race starts at the Vulcan club, «Undivided» race — at the SuperSlots casino, and the «Million» club pleases us with the race named «Drive of Luck».


Fresh Lotteries

Today Drive Casino decided to please us with a new lottery from «In the Circle of Light» cycle. Club Jackpot doesn’t lag behind and launches a lottery from the «Golden Antelope» series, which is ready to shower you with prizes as if by magic.


Lottery Tuesday

It’s time to try your luck in the lottery because three clubs at one are launching their lotteries today. Vulcan club launches a lottery called «Silver», and Million raises the stake and offers its players «Goldfish» lottery. Super Slots casino also decided to join the party, so it gives away treasure in the «Treasure Hunters» lottery.


Five races day

This Monday is marked by a lot of different promos in our clubs. Vulcan club launches two races at once: Weekly race and Jackpot-race with a dynamic prize fund. Million club keeps up as it launches a «Drive of Luck» race and a two-week race called «Fortnight». Meanwhile the «Luck Parade» race begins at the «Super Slots» club. So, fans of the competition have something to choose from!


Lottery Season

With the beginning of the autumn, a wave of lotteries starts — how else could you explain the fact that today a lottery from the «In the Circle of Light» cycle starts at the Drive casino, and the Jackpot launches a lottery from the «Golden Antelope» series?


The last chance to participate in the promo

The final raffle of the weekly promotion named "Horn of Plenty" is held today in the Vulcan club. This is your last chance to compete for the prize! And the Jackpot club launches a new race called "Lucky Storm" as it will bring a whole storm of luck on you.


Golden Tuesday

Today the Vulcan club launches a new lottery called "Gold" for those who lack some gold in their lives — including the real one!


Another promotion from Jackpot and Vulcan clubs

Today is the day another lottery from the "Golden Antelope" cycle starts at the Jackpot club, and this is a perfect chance for you to test your luck! And Vulcan club once again starts the Weekly race, where you can win both rubles and compoints.


Weekly prizes from the Vulcan club

Have you already got used to the weekly promos from the "Horn of Plenty" series at the Vulcan club? As always, today there will also be a raffle for the compoints from this series. To participate, you just need to make a deposit!


Vulcan and Jackpot clubs give the presents away

A lot is happening at the Vulcan club today: not only the lottery called "Silver" is launched, but also there are two races: new Weekly race and Jackpot race with a dynamic prize fund. Also another raffle from the "Bold Marathon" campaign will be held today at the Vulcan club. And the Jackpot club today launches a race named "Ice and Fire" and a lottery from the "Golden Antelope" cycle. If you want to take part, you have to hurry up!


Promo Parade

Today the Million club launches simultaneously a new „Goldfish” lottery and the race called „Weekdays”. And the SuperSlots casino invites you to join the „Luck Parade” if you are ready to fight for your prizes.


Once again, the promotion from the Vulcan club

Casino Vulcan does not get tired of holding generous promotions, so today it conducts another raffle of prizes from the „Bold Marathon” series.


Vulcan club suggests you buy a lottery ticket

Casino Vulcan launches a new lottery today, and it is a part of the „Prizes Gamma” series. This lottery ticket will give you a chance to compete for an impressive prize.


The Vulcan is generous with the compoints again

The Vulcan club once again arranges a raffle for the compoint prize titled „Bold Marathon” for all players who make a deposit in time. And the „Golden Antelope” cycle has another lottery starting at the Jackpot club.


Horn of Plenty of the Vulcan club

The weekly campaign called „Horn of Plenty” is active today in the Vulcan club, players who make a deposit can get a generous prize out of it.


New promotions at the Vulcan club

Club Vulcan pleases us today not only with the new race from the „In the Arms of Fortune” series but also with another generous raffle called „Bold Marathon” where you can win compoints.


New races and lotteries from our clubs

Today the Vulcan club launches another lottery from the „Prizes Gamma” series, hurry up to take part if you want to check how lucky you are! In the Drive Casino, in the meantime, the „Sons of Anarchy” race and the „Circle of Light” lottery begin simultaneously, while the SuperSlots club launches a week-long race called „Undivided”.


New raffle from the club Vulcan

Do not miss the raffle for the prize of compoints called «Bold Marathon» in the Vulcan gambling club!


New races and lotteries from the clubs Vulcan, Jackpot, and SuperSlots

The three-day race titled «In the Arms of Fortune» starts today in the Vulcan club. And as for the SuperSlots club, today they launch the «Fortune Stapes» lottery. Meanwhile, the second lottery from the «Golden Antelope» cycle is launched today at the Jackpot club, hurry up if you want to participate!


Fresh promos from Drive and Vulcan clubs

Simultaneously, the «Major Key» race and the «Waltz Tempo» lottery are launched at the Drive Сasino today. Meanwhile, the Vulcan club has another compoint raffle called «Bold Marathon» for those who wish to try their luck.


Vulcan and SuperSlots have new races for you

In the Vulcan club today, not only the race from the «In the Arms of Fortune» series will start, but also a compoint raffle called «Bold Marathon». And in the SuperSlots club at this time launches a new race from the «Racing Vortex» series.


New promos at the Million and Vulcan clubs

Million club today launches another lottery from the «Bold Marathon» series. Meanwhile, Vulcan club has a «Horn of Plenty» promo, in which prizes are distributed among the players who made the deposit at the right time.


Four times more prizes

Four clubs at once start their new promos today! On the Million club, there is a race from the «Zebra Racing» series, while the SuperSlots casino and Vulcan club launch new lotteries for those who wish to try their luck. And the Jackpot club has a race called «Right on Time» and the first lottery from the new «Golden Antelope» cycle simultaneously starting today.


Vulcan club gives away compoints

Today there will be a compoint raffle among the players who managed to make a deposit on time in the Vulcan club.


Lottery Friday

Two lotteries simultaneously start today in our clubs: the Vulcan club promises you a whole «Prizes Gamma», and the «Drive» casino will let you play in «Waltz Tempo.»


Time of prizes on Million and Vulcan clubs

It’s time for a raffle in the Vulcan and Million clubs, because the former is holding the next stage of the promo, during which you can win the compoints today, and the latter launches the lottery from the «Bold Marathon» series.


Promos from the Vulcan and Jackpot clubs

At the Vulcan club, today the «Horn of Plenty» promo takes place, while the Jackpot launches the final lottery from the «Ardor Wave» series.


The August excitement

The first day of August will be marked by certain liveliness in our clubs. So, the Million club launches a race called «Hello from Mars», and SuperSlots club pleases us with a lottery from the «Fortune Stapes» series. Meanwhile, the Vulcan club has prepared a new race for the players and a compoint raffle. At the same time, a new race called «Lucky Joker» and a lottery named «Waltz Tempo» begin at the Drive club.


The Vulcan launches the lottery

Excellent news from the Vulcan club: today a new lottery starts there from the «Prizes Gamma» series, and it will give the participants a good chance to win.


Vulcan doesn’t stop surprising us

The active players of the Vulcan club always have something to do — today there’s a new promo from the «Bold Marathon» cycle that starts for them.


New races from the Million and Vulcan clubs

Racing Friday comes in the «Million» and «Vulcan» clubs, because today two new races will start there from «Zebra Racing» cycle and «In the Arms of Fortune» cycle.


Let the boldest win

Once again, the «Bold Marathon» promo returns to the Vulcan gambling club, and it happens today! And Jackpot club has a new «Garden Season» race starting today.


Another promo from SuperSlots, Volcano and Jackpot clubs

The Vulcan club never gets tired of pleasing players with promos, and therefore the weekly «Horn of Plenty» promo begins there. Meanwhile Jackpot has a new «Ardor Wave» lottery starting today. And SuperSlots is here to give you a new Trophy chase race that will continue up to two weeks.


Vulсan and Drive clubs are generous in promos

Today «Drive» and «Vulkan» clubs will not let you get bored, because the Drive Casino launches a lottery from the «Fruit Wave» series, and Vulkan pleases its’ players with a new race from the «In the Arms of Fortune» cycle and the «Bold Marathon» promo.


Lotteries at clubs «Vulcan» and «Million»

This day is generous in lotteries — so in the Million club there’s a new lottery from the «Bold Marathon» series, and in the Vulcan club you can participate in the lottery from the «Prizes Gamma» cycle.


Completely new design for Jackpot club

The unbelievable renovation has come to the Jackpot gambling club — you wouldn’t even recognize it now! The site has become brighter, more stylish and most importantly, more user-friendly because all the information you need is now within your reach. Have you already checked out the new design?


Hurry to win with the Vulcan club

Generous prizes are waiting for those who decide to take part in the new Vulcan club promo from the «Bold Marathon» series.


Another lottery at the Vulcan club

It’s time for lotteries — and the Vulcan club calls for you to participate in a new lottery from the «Prizes Gamma» cycle which starts today.


Clubs Jackpot and Vulcan promise you gifts

Once again today in the Vulcan club starts the «Bold Marathon» promo for those who are eager to win. And Jackpot club has a new «Summer Starfall» race starting as well as the first lottery of the «Ardor Wave» series.


Another promo at the Vulcan club

It’s Wednesday again! Which means it’s time to launch the «Horn of Plenty» promo at the Vulcan club!


All at once

With the beginning of the week, everything comes to life: the Vulcan, SuperSlots and Drive clubs have prepared new lotteries for their players today, and a new race from the «Hello from Mars» series begins today at the Million club.


The Vulcan intrigues players with prizes

Is there a better way to start the weekend than to win the «Bold Marathon» promo, that takes place at the Vulcan club today? You decide!


In pursuit of victory

A fine day to set off in pursuit of victory together with the Vulcan club, where today a new race from «In the Arms of Fortune» series begins!


Promo for the bold ones

Today is a wonderful day to test your courage, because in the Vulcan club has the «Bold Marathon» promo starting, during which only the strongest players will get their prizes.


New promos from Vulcan and Million

Today is a wonderful day to try your luck, because the Million club has a new race from the «Zebra Racing» series starting, and the Vulcan club once again gives you the chance to participate in the weekly «Horn of Plenty» promo. And a third «Ardor Wave» comes to sweep the Jackpot club with all its’ lottery might.


Drive and Vulcan clubs promise prizes

«Drive» club launches a new lottery from the «Fruit Wave» series, and Vulcan club has a new short race from «In the Arms of Fortune» series starting simultaneously with the «Bold Marathon» promo — if you hurry, you would not leave empty-handed!


Lottery Monday

The beginning of the week will be marked by two lotteries at once: SuperSlots will help you tune in «Major Key», and Vulcan promises to grant winners the whole «Prizes Gamma». Meanwhile Jackpot club has a new «Garden Season» race starting today.


ADS Partners at the iGaming Super Show

The largest exhibition and conference in gambling, iGaming Super Show, opens in Amsterdam. It will last from 11 to 14 July. The exhibition annually becomes a platform for searching for partners in the field of gambling, and ADS Partners takes part in the exhibition again this year. We will be glad not only to attend the conference but to get in touch with everyone who seeks partnership with us. See you at the iGaming Super Show!


Vulcan club is being generous

Vulcan club distributes gifts! Could it be there’s a holiday today? No, it’s just a new day of the «Bold Marathon» promo for those players who do not like to sit around!


Win a range of prizes

If you are lucky you can get an entire range of prizes in the new lottery from the «Prizes Gamma» series at the Vulcan club. And Jackpot club has an «Ardor Wave» coming – which is also a lottery, by the way.


Generous lotteries and promotions

The Vulcan and Million clubs do not waste their time — the regular promo starts again today at the former, and the latter surprises us with a new lottery from the «Bold Marathon» cycle.


Vulcan gives presents

For the most ambitious players, the Vulcan club launches a weekly «Horn of Plenty» promo today — do not miss your chance to win!


New Vulcan promos

Today Vulcan club is ready to give us a new weekly race from «In the Arms of Fortune» cycle and the «Bold Marathon» promo for the most enthusiastic fans of gambling!


Whirlwind or promos in our clubs

Today, an unprecedented storm of generosity will be presented to you by our clubs: SuperSlots starts the next lottery in the «Major Key» series, and Drive will be swept by the «Fruit Wave» lottery. Vulcan club also launches a new lottery from the «Prizes Gamma» series to fit into this trio. And to stand out Million club launches a new race — it’s time to start «Zebra Racing» and win! Jackpot club goes even further and launches an «Ardor Wave» lottery and «Summer Starfall» race simultaneously. So


New race at the Vulcan casino

A new regular race from «In the Arm of Fortune» series happens today in the Vulcan club. Don’t miss a chance to show everyone how successful you are!


Cosmic luck

New cosmic race from Million club is ready to start today! Another race from «Mars Says Hello» cycle launches and invites all the risk lovers to participate! Meanwhile another promo from «Bold Marathon» cycle starts at the Vulcan club — way to go!


Weekly promos continue

«Horn of Plenty» promo is starting today in the Vulcan club, so hurry up if you want to give it a go.


Boiling Volcano

New race from «In the Arms of Fortune» cycle starts today at the Vulcan club. There is also a promo called «Bold Marathon» for all the lucky ones happening today.


SuperSlots, Million, and Vulcan bring you new lotteries and a race

June might be almost over, but the «Major Key» lottery series at SuperSlots is still on, another lottery of this cycle starts today. Also, a new race from «Zebra Racing» cycle starts today at the Million club — it’s up to you to be on time for your big win! And another lottery from «Prizes Gamma» cycle gives Vulcan club’s players a chance to try their luck.


Regular promos for Vulcan players

Another «Bold Marathon» promo is starting today at the Vulcan club, give it a shot if you like to win.


New lottery at the Vulcan club

There’s a new lottery called «Prizes Gamma» that starts today at the Vulcan club, so hurry up if you don’t want to miss your chance!


Jackpot invites you to join the race

The last race of the «Summer Breakthrough» cycle starts today at the Jackpot club. Vulcan club starts another promo for its’ players. And Million club has another lottery from «Bold Marathon» cycle starting today. Hurry up to catch the last train to the lucky town!


Weekly treat

There’s a weekly campaign «Horn of Plenty» that starts today in the Vulcan club, which will grant generous prizes to players every Wednesday all summer!


Vulcan is here to please you

It’s time to celebrate because Vulcan club has a new race series called «In the Arms of Fortune» starting today, as well as new lotteries cycle called «Prizes Gamma» and new promo called «Bold Marathon».


Summer buzz

Take a look at those promos our clubs have made for you today: Jackpot launches a race and a lottery at the same time while SuperSlots has a new «Major Key» lottery starting. And there are «White Nights» starting in the Vulcan club today, even if it’s just a name for a lottery. And Million club simultaneously has a new race and a new lottery starting. They end as fast as a sweet summer day, so hurry up!


Jackpot club brings you a new lottery

«Success Season» lottery cycle at Jackpot club keeps going and here’s another fast lottery that starts today.


Another Jackpot race

New «Summer Breakthrough» series race is here today for all the competition lovers at Jackpot club.


Off to the Races

This wonderful summer day is the day new swift race from «Zebra Racing» cycle starts at the Million club.


Lottery Monday

This Monday is here to bring you two lotteries at a time. Jackpot club has another lottery from the «Success Season» series starting and Vulcan club launches a lottery in the name of Alexander Pushkin since his birthday is so close.


Marathon of the best

Million club has a new lottery cycle called «Bold Marathon» starting today. It has seven lotteries so only most endurant players will be able to go through to the end!


Lucky trio

The first day of the summer is a great time for Jackpot and SuperSlots to start new promos. While SuperSlots only launches a lottery from «Major Key» cycle, Jackpot club has both a new race and a new lottery starting today. Meanwhile, Million club launches new promo during which players who made a deposit might win some juicy compoints. There’re also new race cycles called «Mars Says Hello» and «Zebra Racing» starting today. Hurry up, they won’t be long!


Almost summer lottery in the Vulcan casino

Can you feel warm summer approaching? If you lack a summer mood of your own, participate in «Summertime» lottery in the Vulcan club, and maybe its 5 000 prize can fix your attitude!


Peculiar fluster

Are you dreaming about a tropical vacation already? Now you have a chance to actually afford one! Vulcan club launches a new race, it is called «Under Palm Trees» and has a prize pool of 40 000 compoints! But that’s not the end! Jackpot club also has something special for you — both new race and new lottery simultaneously start today! Vulcan and Million clubs also present new raffles for players who made a deposit. 3-week compoint raffle starts at the Vulcan club, while Million grants gifts for


Vulcan says goodbye to spring

Spring is about to end, so Vulcan club decided to say goodbye to it, as well as say hello to summer, with a new race – «Aloha, summer!». Its prize pool contains simultaneously 31 000 rubles and 45 000 compoints! More than 20 winners will earn their prizes and you may be among them.


Speedy lottery on Jackpot

Another fast lottery from «Success Season» series starts today at the Jackpot casino. Claim your right to win while you still can!


A generous offer

Has the «Sunstroke» reached you yet? Don’t worry, it is absolutely safe, as this is the name of the newest Vulcan’s lottery. Its prize pool of 7 000 will go to a sole winner and you can be this lucky person. It also appears that today a new lottery, as well as new swift race, start at the Jackpot club. And SuperSlots has a new «Red and Black» race cycle starting, as well as new lottery series named «Major Key». Come and enjoy this luck buffet!


New html-banners for Jackpot club

We are glad to inform you that our promo materials collection replenished with new html-banners for Jackpot club. You can find them in «Promo» section in your Personal Account.


Jackpot is lively

Jackpot club is eager to please you with its generous prizes, as today is the day not only «Summer Breakthrough» races start, but also a series of lotteries named «Success Season» commences. Rapid but lucrative, they will grant instant success to those not afraid to risk.


New lottery at the Vulcan club

Vulcan gambling club by launches the «May Mosaic» lottery today and gives you a chance to try your luck. Its prize pool of 5 000 is a humble but pleasant motivation for the player.


April payments

We are pleased to inform you that April payments are completed. All winnings are transferred to appropriate holders’ accounts. Check your email or enter gambling account to verify it.


Come, sweet summer!

Million gambling club can’t wait for summer to come, so in order to speed up its approach there’s a «Summer’s Eve» race launched with 5 000 rubles prize pool.


Vulcan’s eruption

Mark this day in your calendar as there’s an actual eruption at the Vulcan club today. Gamblers will be pleased to see not one but two simultaneous races: «Ocean of Prizes» and «Around the World», also there is a «Strawberry Cocktail» lottery that will grant you some bountiful prizes!


Sunny prizes

No time for boredom! This sunny spring day wants you to enjoy the «Day of the Sun» lottery at the SuperSlots club. Its 5 000-prize pool will definitely add some positive vibes to your life.


Lucky three

Prepare for the triple hit as today three promos start simultaneously: «Storm Warning» race at Drive Casino, «Free Days» lottery at the Vulcan club and «Almost Summer» race at SuperSlots.


Jackpot and Million presenting new promos

April comes to an end and Million gambling club is launching the «Height of Spring» lottery today. As for Jackpot the «Marathon of Winners» race begins just now, and it is the final race of the cycle.


The excitement of Jackpot and Vulcan

Vulcan game club presents a new cycle of races and lotteries opened by two simultaneous races - «Siesta» and «Spring Picnic», as well as the «Jazz Wave» lottery. And the Jackpot gives you a chance to participate in the «Sabbath of Luck» lottery, just in time for Walpurgis Night. This chance is worth using, because this is the last lottery of its’ cycle! Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that Vulcan’s promo materials were updated. You can find them in «Promo» section.


Feel the spirit of victory!

Million gambling club is pleased to invite its’ players to «A Moment Before the Victory» race that starts today. It’s time to show you’re here to win, so fight till the end!


Fast gain in Vulcan

Prepared hot novelty for our players. From 17.04 till 21.04 we will have new type of promo in Vulcan – 9 000 compoints will be raffled off for 5 days. Hurry up to participate!


Star race from Million club

April is the most cosmic month of the year, that’s why Million club offers you a «Mary’s flood» race. Only the most ambitious ones will win and get what they deserve!


Jackpot won’t let you get bored

Today is not the day you’ll be bored as the Jackpot starts a new race called «The First of the First». Whether you will give your luck a chance to prove itself — the choice is yours!


March payments

We are pleased to inform you that March payments are completed. All winnings are transferred to appropriate holders’ accounts. Check your email or enter gambling account to verify it.


Cosmic luck

Two whole April lotteries will let you try your luck today: SuperSlots has the «April Breeze» lottery starting while Jackpot pleases its’ players with «Let’s Go!» lottery in celebration of the Cosmonautics Day.


Vulcan and SuperSlots in bloom

Midspring is not only a time when nature awakens, but also a time when promos are blooming bright. You can admire the «Blooming Sakura» at SuperSlots and marvel at the «First Snowdrops» at the Vulcan club. Even though the snowdrops are first, it is the last lottery of the cycle so don’t miss your chance!


Last chance for luck

Have you had a chance to participate in «Seasons» race cycle at the Vulcan gambling club? If not then don’t miss your chance to do so, as today is the day the last race of said cycle starts — «Vast Galaxy».


Spring rush at Drive Casino

It’s time to act because today a new cycle of races and lotteries begins at Drive Casino, and it is simultaneously marked by two races called «Escape Velocity» and «Prize parade» as well as the «Tide of Luck» lottery! Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that Drive Casino’s promo materials were updated. You can find them in «Promo» section.


Go away, boredom!

There’s no time for boredom since today is the day Million club starts a new lottery and Jackpot club gives its players a new "Laughter Through Treasures" race.


Player’s heaven

A whole new cycle of races and lotteries is starting today in Million club with new risky races. And Jackpot club is awaiting a real “Heaven on Earth” – don’t be scared, it’s just a name of a lottery! Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that Million’s promo materials were updated. You can find them in «Promo» section.


Not so dormant volcan

Gambling club "Vulcan" has awakened from sleep! Today is the day "Aprils fool" race and "Vernal equinox" lottery start, both of them will endure until the 9th of April and will bring generous prizes to their participants.


Dive for your prize

Let the ardor wave sweep you away and by the time you’re back on the surface you’ll have hands full of prizes. "Ardor wave" race starts today at Drive Casino and will continue until the end of March.


Spring Superslots promo

Spring is coming with the new wave of lotteries and races with total prize fund of 80 000 rubles in Superslots club.


The snow is breaking at Drive Casino

The thaw is here! It’s time to break the ice at Drive Casino where "Spring eavesdrop" lottery starts today and will last up until the last day of March.


The big boom

Cheer up, because today is the day when the "Spring boom" lottery starts in Million club and new pool of lotteries and races start at Jackpot club. Rush towards your victory and gain you rightful prize!


Notification: February payments completed

All winnings are transferred to appropriate holders’ accounts. Check your email or enter gambling account to verify it.


Winning rain

It’s not a big deal if don’t have an umbrella with you, because "Rain of prizes" race starting today at the Million club can’t make you wet. But it can shower you with generous prizes if you prove you deserve it.


A very happy lottery

Women’s day is in the past, but that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating. Therefore, SuperSlots has a lottery starting today, and the name of this lottery is "Woman’s happiness" and the prizes are up to 3000 rub.


The spring is coming

This beautiful march day is the day when two spring races start at Drive Casino and SuperSlots – "Spring fragrance" and "March cats".


Let the gift parade go on

Spring holidays make your eyes hurt with the bright diversity of promotions. This time Vulcan club offers you a "Cherchez la femme" race and "Breath of spring" lottery simultaneously. Meanwhile Jackpot and SuperSlots start their "Crucial advantage" and "Firebird wings" lotteries.


Time to celebrate

Right in time for international women’s day "Million" gambling club offers you a great gift – "Luxurious bouquet" race for all the lovely ladies and their admirers.


Weather forecast

According to meteorologists there a big storm coming at Drive casino and its name is "Storm of luck". It will endure until 15th of March and those caught in the eye of the storm risk to win up to 3000 rub.


It’s raining money

The spring has come and not only nature revives but also gambling clubs awaken from hibernation. There’s no other way to explain this rush: today is the start of "Winter is gone" race at Drive Casino and "Winter forest tales" at SuperSlots. Not only this, but also Million and Jackpot have new lotteries and races starting today: "Lucky investment" and "Bear claw".


Short month, prizes with long tales

Snowy winter is leaving, but it seems being incomplete without some elements. One of the following should be a race - 'Avalanche of Success' or 'Not a Tricky Year', depending on club chosen, Million or Vulkan. Don't forget about SuperSlots lottery, it may rejoice you in a minute!


Close victory feeling at Jackpot club

That means race "Steps of a Champion" starts today, granting amazing rewards for brave contenders! But no guarantees about another money avalanche - this time on SuperSlots, named "Nummular snowfall".


New lottery in Vulcan Club

20.02 - 05.03 new lottery "Triumph of Force" will take place in Vulcan Club. Real game for real defenders.


Some blues from Drive club

Regardless of saltatory weather, race "Last Freeze" is about to start. Dislike winter? Then try out 2 simultaneous lotteries from Million and Drive clubs - they can melt the ice of scepsis, anticipating spring right away!


Tactical battles for tempting trophies

Each victory is based on a certain winning scenario. In races "Lucky Maneuver" and "Hastening Start" you need looking at your rivals to work out a strategy of matching the targets. Choose any of Jackpot and SuperSlots quiz, you won’t regret after completing the task.


Notification: January payments completed

All winnings are transferred to appropriate holders’ accounts. Check your email or enter gambling account to verify it.


New race in Vulcan Club

14.02 – 26.02 the last race of this winter “Cold Love” will take place in Vulkan Club. Prize fund – 16 000 rub.


SuperSlots: banners do come in time

New SuperSlots promo is ready, so hurry up to gain the benefit on using more colorful materials.


Inspired of ardour lovers

One day before eagerly awaited feast, big trio of Million, Jackpot and SuperSlots launch their fresh actions: "Country's Pride", "Cowboy Skirmish" and "One, two, Spring!". No matter which club exactly do you prefer, but enthralling rounds are guaranteed!


London Affiliate Conference

London Affiliate Conference is over. We would like to thank everyone for attending our booth. We hope that it was interesting and you had a good time.


Best time for risky deals

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in Drive club first actions ever! Launching at same day, dizzy race and "Just Starting" lottery will bring full spectrum of emotions. Begin writing history right now with Drive actions!


More drive with fresh banners

First actions promo for Drive club is finished, so you can replicate it in order to bring new players to the club. Start doing it right now!


Dashing twists at Jackpot club

Each deposit from 500 rubles provides extra chances to win sums ten times higher! How does it work, actually? Take part in "Steep Stunts" race to find the answer!


London Affiliate Conference

Join us at the London Affiliate Conference on the 4th – 7th February. We will be glad meet with everyone and discuss any questions.


Fresh banners - and more

New promo is updated, including races for Vulkan, Million and Jackpot. Use them from now on!


Great feast of actions

Trying to remember such influx of races and lotteries at one single day? Everything is possible with legendary trio - Million, Jackpot and Vulkan clubs. Races "Waiting for Spring", "Ice haul" and "Ardour quest" will bring you unforgettable emotions, and so do lotteries (except Jackpot club, which launched its lottery earlier)! This prize tornado will reward each person who really deserves it.


Facing notable chops and changes

Such great overlap is one for years: actions at three giant gambling clubs (Jackpot, Million and Vulkan) being ended right at the same time! Results are to be clarified, but fresh races will start tomorrow. Don't waste your time!


Much more closer to objective point

Finding a buried treasure is not a big problem with Vulkan club and specific race "Precise navigation". 19 000 rubles is a fabulous reward for every brutal hunter, especially when you had no need to move away from the monitor.


Bonus race for affiliates is closing down

New players' registration will be stopped tomorrow at late evening, final figures will be fixed. triumphants' list for the stake of $2500 is to appear on our site main in the end of January.


Holidays shouldn't end quickly

The first 2017' lottery has gone into history, but the fresh one is launching right now! Cosher yourself with a "Fairish reward", cause the prize fund is worth trying!


Destination point: Land of Big Rewards

An "Abrupt swerve" race has started today, but you can define where it leads! Unforgettable prizes or a stalemate - that's of your choice!


The year of Fiery Rooster awaiting

ADS Partners agency cordially congratulates with Fiery Rooster Year and wishes all the best: be happy, wealthy and overjoyed for every minute of life. And lucky enough to win some cash!


It's wishes time!

When Jackpot club is on duty, then the rewards become truly huge. Take part in race "Magic start", which can make great margins combined with lottery "Unlimit joy". Don't miss some extra Santa presents!


Christmas chase at Vulcan club

Along with darkness increased to apogee, prize fund is also as big as ever. Great chance to make yourself happier a little bit by fresh race "Christmas ardor", with getting extra money on presents!


Lucrative evenings at Jackpot club

"Lucky Christmas Eve" race is at its first bets, and why you're not in action? Join right now to establish your own rights for huge presents!


Generous offer for new followers

Still looking at ADS-Partners from outside? This Christmas is the best chance to step in. Fantastic prize of $1000 awaits your initial registration till January, 20! You can be rewarded just for the number of bets: make more spins than other contenders and start planning your Bali adventures! Look for further information


Landing and banner set being refreshed

New promo materials for Million club site are ready. For more detailed info please contact the managers.


Less gentle, more risky

The last day of current lottery for real gentlemen is almost over, but that's not all the news. Lottery "Finding Fir Tree" is ready to start, bringing much more delicious rewards for lucky winners!


Best offers of parting year

Best offers of parting year Fresh actions right now, in two weeks before the holidays - that's the case! Don't miss the intriguing "Waiting for a party" and "Fir Market" actions at Million club, as well as spicy lottery "Present is Perfect" at Jackpot club, providing extra money for the upcoming holidays.


The legal reason for infatuation

Meeting the fresh race "An appealing physique" means high rewards for most active and devoted players! Join it now to change your own future in a better way!


Fantastic diversity from gaming club

Races "Top Success" and "Becoming a Hero" are taking off at both Vulkan and Jackpot clubs. Moreover, first winter day launches lotteries "Gentleman's Set" and "Golden Glow". The wider is spectrum, the best alternative will be chosen!


Big deal for gambling intellectuals

"Brain Junket" lottery will gratify the most smart and clever players, because IQ is an asset valuable enough to win the race. Great prizes for most stirring and nimble users, special offer from Million club!


Graphics refreshed: winter-2016 collection

New banners and promo materials are ready for Jackpot and Vulkan clubs. Please connect your managers to specify the info.


Sniper challenge at Million

The race "Straight to the goal" has just got under way at Million club. Feeling you'll strike with the first spin? Then make sure to try it out!


Income surprise from Vulkan club

Staying “On the Verge of Winter” helps us to feel the atmosphere of holidays coming in several weeks. Good idea to accumulate money with the help of Vulkan club: step in this race and make as many bets as you can to win!


Victorious November at Jackpot club

Pay attention to “The Last Tango” race and it will reward you several times! Don’t waste the chance to intensify the winter – cash income is always a big boost to every idea!


Gambling ventures are yet to continue

Look closely at lotteries “Cosmic Adventures” and “Freezing Breeze” that have just started at Vulkan and Jackpot clubs. Extended prizes and fiery emotions are included!


Last chance to squeeze the prizes out

Lotteries “Trophy-next-door” and “Youngster Ardor” at Jackpot and Vulkan are coming to an end. Results can be found at late evening following the info section update on site main pages. Alternatively, choose the lottery “Prize Universe” at Million club: the reward is also attractive.


Payments transfer status: successful

Great news! All payments are on the following accounts.


More proper decisions from Million club

Get prepared for a fresh race “The Right Choice”. Hurry up to step in, cause each bet makes the dream much closer to the real life. With the last day of “Cold Math” lottery, you can expect doubling the prize these days!


Fresh action with pretty melody

Vulkan club is ready to gratify everybody with new race “Victorious Symphony”. Great rewards are calling for you even never being noticed with music instruments. That’s the other ace in the hole, and you have it, for sure.


Discovery time is almost over

The race “Blue-and-white Prize” is closing down today, so make sure to be at the top of contenders list or add some bets! The fresh race will start on Friday, stay tuned.


Landing and up-to-date promo

Fresh Million club landing is ready, just as new set of banners. Current race & lotto have started just a few hours ago, so don't waste time!


Back to the battle

The race "A black-&-white prize" started at Vulkan club. Be sure to notice another great combo chance from Million: lottery "Hercules: 13 adventures" and race "Cold Math" are waiting for the lucky winners.


Trophy rush in October

Contend with "Youngster Ardor" in a new Vulkan action! Searching even more emotions and opportunities? Take a notice of Jackpot race "The Black Pearl" and lottery "Next-door trophy" making your dreams come true!


Wild passion of fresh races

New actions on both Jackpot and Vulkan ("Quest of Passion" and "Dreamshore Way") provide unforgettable emotions for the players. Extended rewards for most brave participants waiting for your call!


Some novelty from established clubs

Feeling a little bored? Then look for new lotteries from Jackpot and Vulkan: "Clear Sky" and "The Feat Time". Cool emotions and really hot prizes are awaiting!


"Excellence in iGaming"(EiG) in Berlin

The elite conference "Excellence in iGaming" has just opened. Over 1500 attendees of highest level from different continents - that's the reason to find yourself at Arena Berlin from 18 to 20 October. With famous experts, business meetings and last trends' discussion EiG appears to be a right place for every man from the industry. See you!


Power surges on Million

"Major journey" cannot last forever, so "Incredible effort" is ready to sub-in. Hurry up, it doesn't require so much power to join!


Payments were done

Monthly payments are transferred on October, 17. Check your account to prove that.


The last chance to win a battle

Lotteries "Fantastic Luck" and "Unique Combo" are finishing today, so use the closing moment, make a deposit and receive a great payment as a sudden winner. Good luck!


Graphics are updated

Great news: fresh banners for Vulkan are now available, just as landing portfolio for Million. Use them for your needs, as well as fresh solutions of Superslots and Drive Media!


Dreaming of great trips

Wanna get in a journey by a "Dreamshore Way"? Vulkan can help you, for sure. And Million club offers a lottery "Diamonds are shining!" in order to earn money not for tickets only.


Agenda shifting

Current races "Power of Knowledge" and "Riot of color" at Vulkan and Million clubs are closing down, but a final spurt can change the list of triumphants, so hurry up! Tomorrow there's a start for a new story - with other lucky winners.


Comeback of epic actions!

Races & Lotto's are starting today at Vulkan and Jackpot clubs! Step in "Magic Bets" or "Flow of Prizes" depending on club preferred for passion and great rewards. Lotteries "Fantastic Luck" and "Unique Combo" are worth trying!


New spectacular promo

Fresh banner sets are ready for actions started recently at Vulkan and Jackpot clubs. Don't linger to share this magic!


Lotteries suffer losses

The actions "Main choice" and "Champ's Pretty Penny" are losing down. Get ready for our october lotteries, that'll be a great experience!


Intensive temptation at Million club

Get on "Major Journey" and chase fabulous prizes! Not only the race, but also a lottery: "Riot of color" is waiting, but just for a week. Don't waste time, step in!


Racing at the end of

Campaign "The Juice" at the club "Million" ends today. A day later, completed the race in September, "Jackpot" and "Vulcan". So hurry up to take part, so that later do not bite your elbows!


Not all that glitters is autumn

Race "Golden Autumn" was launched in the "Jackpot" club. Do not miss the easy prize, which themselves being asked in your hands!


Changing colours

The last day of "Wings of Luck" lottery is virtually over, but in several hours it will be substituted by "Riot of colours". Stay alert and ready for gambling!


Marine adventures

Look forward for "Sea Dreaming" opening, providing truly wonderful prizes! Flatten the sails and gain new funds.


Let's moving forward!

"Crane hunting" race is almost over, following the dying hours of "Tremendous harvest" action at Jackpot. Hurry up to collect the points!


Desicive choice

Don't miss the brand new start of "Main Choice" and "Champ's Pretty Penny" lotteries: extended prize fund and passion all around. Step in!


Fresh race at Million club

The "Very Juicy" race at Million club is about to start. The great prizes are waiting for lucky rivals.


Under the chequered flag

Faster than the Leo: september actions are crossing the finish line. No more room for "Science of Wealth" and "Secret Knowledge", Vulkan/Jackpot. But the new ones will be there, soon.


The finishing spurt at Million club

The race "Time for yield" is closing down. Be sure to use the last ability to finish top!


Crane at stake!

New race "Crane hunting" starts tomorrow. 5 prizes for best guns, who is quick enough to cope with!


Summer with profit

Wanna gather in the tremendous (marvelous) harvest? Start chasing the leader now, cause it's enough time before September, 20 to get on top of the list.


Promo Library is replenished

Demo versions of many popular slots are now available at promo library. You can get some further info from the managers.


Time to cut the cabbage!

There'are "Harvest days" in "Million" club. Battle for 25 thousand rubles unfolding right before our eyes - do not stay away!


What a rapid start!

Lotteries at three gambling clubs set off at one day - unbelievable! The Science of Wealth, Secret Knowledge and Wings of Luck are waiting for your passion.


“Junket in the forrest”

Don't worry - that's just a nickname for a stunning new race. Step in and battle for prizes!


"Glow of Success" stops sparking

The following race is finishing at Jackpot club. Look forward to new actions soon.


New races are on the horizon

While waiting for "Junket in the forrest" at Jackpot club, look at "This is the film!" and "Sky with Stars" at Vulkan and Million clubs. Hurry up to step in!


Million banners

First set of superfine banners is ready for Million club. Contact managers for further info.


They're finishing!

The race “Summer Heat” is coming to an end, as well as “Always Fit”. Nevertheless, the heat is about to re-start soon - wait before the official announce.


Attack of the Lotteries

The whirlpool of summer actions is going on. Meet the lotteries “Hidden Riches” and “Ahead for Treasures” at Jackpot & Million clubs, while the “Final chord” is taking place at Vulkan.


Payment transfers have been proceeded

All the July payouts are transferred to the following accounts. Check your e-mail!


New Vulkan & Jackpot promo

Fresh banners for actions taking place in August and September are ready. Available both for Jackpot and Vulkan. Call managers for some extra info.


Top landings for the last summer actions

Promo for Vulkan & Jackpot successfully finished. Contact managers for details.


Before the ultimate rush

Tomorrow is a big day: current lotteries are all over, so that is your last chance to make a decisive effort! “Heated noon” and “Endless fun” lotteries are waiting.


Fiery action in August

The race "Lambent Success" has started in Jackpot club. Get ready for a thrilling chase!


Delicious & lucrative

The “Honey” race will gratify the most ambitious gamblers. Feel the real passion at Vulkanclub!


Stop August dumps

"Reckless fun" at Vulkan club goes on and on! Hurry up to take part in this lottery to gain palatable prices.


Fresh landings and much more

New promo is available on Vulkan races and lotteries for August. The managers will provide you with all the details required.


Amatic advent

Since the early August, Austrian designer complements the list of our top partners presenting high-quality slots. For precise info please contact our managers.


Resort full of passion

The "Resort & Spa" race is gathering momentum, so join it now and try your luck in a battle for great money prizes with a ticket for the main summer tournament!


"Golden Sand" promo is over

The "Golden Sand" race has already finished, so have look at the new ones! Step in and get amazing prizes!


Renovated landings

Fresh web pages for Vulkan are available, the third step of "Summer of Great Prizes" tournament and "Lottery Parade" in July.


Equator for the last phase of “Summer of Prizes”

The third step of this major tournament is ongoing and a total fund of 80 000 rub helps you to take right decision. Join now and compete for real money!


Fresh banner set (Jackpot & Vulkan)

Updated banners are available for Vulkan club - "Lottery Parade” for July and "Summer of Great Prizes", both sunny and appealing! Also a promo for June & July actions at Jackpot is ready.


Most delicious promo of the year

Wanna getting a tempting offer? Then join "Chocolate Pleasure" lottery in Jackpot club, chasing for incredible money reward! Make a deposit and you're back to the game!


Enough for football

"Sportive Ardor" lottery is just over. Don't miss your chance of winning the next one, starting from now on!


“Cosmic Success” is suddenly over

The starting race in this month has ended. New one is currently running, so be sure to step in!


Million Club to be launched soon

Million club is almost ready for grand opening. You may be prepared for the first race!


Amazing promo for regular Vulkan gamblers

Don’t miss new exciting lotteries “Tornado of Fortune” and “Bright Spark”. Real passion and big money awaiting you!


Payoffs for June completed

All prizes and bonuses are already transferred on the appropriate accounts. Thanks for choosing us!


For countryside lovers

The first July lottery “Venture fishing” has finished yesterday, but don't give up even, if no prize was obtained. There are some actions coming, so get tuned and win!


Stats are becoming faster

Great news! The system updating stats every 2 hours will be launched shortly, leading to greater dynamism and more accurate prediction of your key indicators.


May payouts info

All the May payouts are successfully transferred. Thanks for choosing our company as your long-term partner!


Great time in Amsterdam

Two magnificent days - and a sumptuous annual conference iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam has finished. We were glad to see all the partners and are hoping to meet here again next year!


New amazing races at Vulcan Club

First race in June has come to an end at Vulkan Casino, but the good news - that's just the inception! Three exciting races are still awaiting for you, so get involved unless it's over.


Mailing extra features

We are notifiyng that a new option of cross-sell mailing is now available, based on your clients base. Contact your manager to get all the info required.


Race "Victorious" has finished

Race "Victorious" has just finished.


Sport bets in Superslots

SuperSlots casino introduces new feature - sport betting, which means even more excitement and passion for veritable fans!


Affiliate commission payments

Commissions had been paid. Thank you for working with us!


Bingo Boom

Bingo Boom lottery is now available in SuperSlots casino. This operator has been developing rapidly, so we're looking forward to new fascinating games!


iGaming Super Show 2016

We are glad to invite you on epic iGaming Super Show 2016 - a truly boutique event for gambling and stock exchange companies. It takes place June 7-10 in one of the most luxurious hotels of Amsterdam. Conference panel, personal reports and communication with future partners and clients are awaiting for you!


Affiliate commission payments

All winnings payments by April are completed, so check your wallets. Thank you for choosing us as your favourite casino - we really appreciate that!


Dynamic tracking improvement

We are happy to announce the dynamic tracking improvement. All technical information can be obtained directly from our managers.


Jackpot club races

Two parallel races "Money Time" and "In Search of Treasure" have finished by the moment. The winners passed into the final round named "Amazing Eight", and money were given to other awardees as a consolation prize.


Banners portfolio was replenished

New items means the augmentation of banner portfolio of our affilation program. You can pick the most suitable banner corresponding to your own requests!


Wallet for payouts

Dear partner, if you still do not upload your wallet to your personal account, please, do it. Only in this case we will be able to make payouts.


Spring Race

Spring is coming! Spring Race in Vulkan Casino – it is time to win. Harry up to attract players!


March lottery in Vulkan Casino ended

In March lottery we picked up two lucky winners who already received valuables prizes: 20 000 and 10 000 RUB.


Statistics generation accelerates

Dear partners, we gladly announce that statistics generation remarkably accelerates. Now the work will be even more convenient!


April lottery in Vulkan Casino

In April lottery we will pick up two lucky winners who receive valuables prizes: 20 000 and 10 000 RUB.


New games from Amatic

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games will expanded with the Amatic games. Please contact your manager for further information.



Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have new referral CPA plan. Please contact your manager for further information.


New Promo Materials added

Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have added new mailers to our promo materials page. Please contact your manager for further information.


New games from Aristocrat

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games on SuperSlots casino website were expanded with the Aristocrat games.


Affiliate commission payments

Dear affiliates of ADS Partners! We’re pleased to inform you that we have paid affiliate commission for February 2016.


Spring Race

Spring is coming! Spring Race in Vulkan Casino – it is time to win. Harry up to attract players!


Fast games and races

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games on SuperSlots casino website were expanded with the fast games and races.


«Great Ten»

Best of the best players get the opportunity to participate in the "Big Snow Race "! Time period: 16.03.2016 - 20.04.2016. Main prize - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.


March lottery in Vulkan Casino

In February lottery we will pick up two lucky winners who receive valuables prizes: 20 000 and 10 000 RUB.


New games from Aristocrat

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games on Drive Casino website were expanded with the Aristocrat games.


New Promo Materials added

Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have added new landing pages to our promo materials page. Please contact your manager for further information.


Affiliate commission payments

Dear affiliates of ADS Partners! We’re pleased to inform you that we have paid affiliate commission for January 2016.


London Affiliate Conference

London Affiliate Conference is over. We would like to thank everyone for attending our booth. We hope that it was interesting and you had a good time.


Spring Race

Spring is coming! Spring Race in Vulkan Casino – it is time to win. Harry up to attract players!


New Year Partner’s race finished

New Year Partner’s race finished at Vulkan casino. All winners have already received their prizes.


«Great Ten»

Best of the best players get the opportunity to participate in the "Big Snow Race "! Time period: 16.03.2016 - 20.04.2016. Main prize - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.


«Lucky Haunter» and «Lucky Lady's Charm» races

Players can win cash prizes in both of this races and opportunity to take part in «Great Ten» tournament. Time period: 10.02.2016 - 15.03.2016.


February lottery in Vulkan Casino

In February lottery we will pick up two lucky winners who receive valuables prizes: 20 000 and 10 000 RUB.


First part of New Year Lottery in Vulkan Casino ends

Spend holidays with us – February, 14, February, 23, March, 8, April, 1 – let’s have fun together! We start new series of lotteries and races with total prize fund of 360 000 rub. Harry up to attract players!


Winter races finished

Winter races finished at Vulkan casino. All winners have already received their prizes.


London Affiliate Conference

Join us at the London Affiliate Conference on the 4th – 7th February. We will be glad meet with everyone and discuss any questions.


First part of New Year Lottery in Vulkan Casino ends

First part of New Year Lottery was held on 18.12 – 06.01. Second part of New Year Lottery is on 08.01 – 31.01. Harry up to attract players!


New Promo Materials added

Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have added new landing pages to our promo materials page. Please contact your manager for further information.


Happy New Year!

ADS-Partners congratulate you with a New Year and wish you productive work in the new year and good earnings.


New Promo Materials added

Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have added new landing pages to our promo materials page. Please contact your manager for further information.


Qualifying races in Vulcan Casino end

Santa Claus Race and Father the Frost races end in Vulkan Casino. Big Snow Race is coming up – it is time to determine the best player of the best.


New Promo Materials added

Dear partners, we gladly announce that we have added new banners to our promo materials page. Please contact your manager for further information.


New games from Igrosoft

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games were expanded with the Igrosoft games.


Big Snow Races at Vulkan casino

Big Snow Races are started at Vulkan Casino. Total prize fond is 250 000 rub. In order to receive additional information and marketing materials please contact your manager.


Affiliate commission payments

Dear affiliates of ADS Partners! We’re pleased to inform you that we have paid affiliate commission for November 2015.


Golden Lottery finished

Golden Lottery finished at Vulkan casino. All winners have already received their prizes.


New games from Novomatic Deluxe

We are pleased to inform you that our range of games were expanded with the Novomatic Deluxe games.